Our Story

Meet the Founders

Hi! We're Dani & Bri – sisters, besties, travel buddies and business partners!

Swim In Jewelry has been a passion project of ours as we are almost always by the water and wanted to create a curated, high-quality, waterproof jewelry brand that fits our easy-going, low maintenance lifestyle.

Our Inspiration

Not only was it important for us to have high-quality, tarnish-free jewelry, but this brand has extreme sentimental value to us as well.

We were recently gifted jewelry from our late mother who we lost at a young age. She had a small jewelry business of her own, making earrings out of buttons! We wanted to recreate a few of her pieces, so we could build a brand in her memory, that she would be proud of.

Our Process

Each piece of jewelry goes through a series of tests to ensure that it's quality and style are up to par with our high standards to be included in this collection. We only curate PVD Plated Stainless Steel jewelry for it's tarnish resistant finish and durability to withstand every day wear.