• 10x Stronger Than Gold Plated

    Swim In Jewelry is stainless steel at its base and goes through an 18K Gold PVD coating process which is 10x stronger than standard gold plating, making it hypoallergenic & tarnish-free.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Thanks to the highly durable materials used for our jewelry, we guarantee your pieces will not tarnish over time. So, go for a swim, keep it on during showers, and even exercise in all of our pieces.

  • By Freshwater

    Our founders, Brianne and Danielle, are also the owners of our sister-brand, Freshwater Curated Goods –known for their handcrafted leather & acrylic goods for locals, travelers and water lovers.

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Help Protect The Ocean

Make a difference while you shop. We are proud to say that 1% of our sales are donated to protect the ocean and its wildlife fromtoday's greatest challenges.

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